Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Christmas and Merry Winter!

Elias' first Christmas was a blast. We woke up the morning of Christmas Eve and let him open his gifts from mom and dad at home. He was, of course, thrilled with the gift wrap, but it was a Finding Nemo bath-time book from his stocking that was the hit of the morning. You'll likely see it in his hand and/or mouth in most of the pictures. Who knew a $1 book would thrill our son more than any of the things under the tree? We visited Logan's mom and oldest brother, Ryan and his family later that day before heading to Medford to see Erica's family (who decided we should all sport a goofy Christmas shirt for their celebration, commemorated below). A couple days later marked a Christmas celebration at Grandpa Martin and Grandma Susan's house and yet another to come in January with Logan's extended family who all live locally as well. This boy is well Christmased! He has had a lot of fun so far and it has been really neat to see him interact with other family members and discover all the new toys he has unwrapped...and there are SO many (thank you all, by the way)!

We missed all of you whom we didn't get to see this year, but we hope your Christmas was as blessed as ours!

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