Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Boy

1 year old! It's unbelievable that it was a year ago that our little man came into the world. This year has been a long journey, but it still went so fast. Elias has come so far in that year and it is a miracle every day to watch him play and explore, rough-house, and grow is a perpetual blessing. We had so much fun with him at his birthday party and at the zoo the following day on his actual birthday that I couldn't choose what photos to post--it's too limited! To see more birthday photos you can go to the following link:

Battle wounds of boyhood

It's happened. The first big bump. Playing chase with Mommy in the living room and somehow instead of crawling behind him into the open room, he leapt to his right straight into the corner of the wall, taking the corner of the baseboards under his eye and the corner of the wall on the forehead. Ouch. Nothing a little ice and permission to play with Mommy's cell phone didn't fix, though. Probably more traumatic for Mom than for Elias. The battle wounds begin.