Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

During the first snowfall of the season, Elias sat at the sliding glass window and tried to catch the snowflakes on their way down through the glass. He's just too cute!

Happy Christmas and Merry Winter!

Elias' first Christmas was a blast. We woke up the morning of Christmas Eve and let him open his gifts from mom and dad at home. He was, of course, thrilled with the gift wrap, but it was a Finding Nemo bath-time book from his stocking that was the hit of the morning. You'll likely see it in his hand and/or mouth in most of the pictures. Who knew a $1 book would thrill our son more than any of the things under the tree? We visited Logan's mom and oldest brother, Ryan and his family later that day before heading to Medford to see Erica's family (who decided we should all sport a goofy Christmas shirt for their celebration, commemorated below). A couple days later marked a Christmas celebration at Grandpa Martin and Grandma Susan's house and yet another to come in January with Logan's extended family who all live locally as well. This boy is well Christmased! He has had a lot of fun so far and it has been really neat to see him interact with other family members and discover all the new toys he has unwrapped...and there are SO many (thank you all, by the way)!

We missed all of you whom we didn't get to see this year, but we hope your Christmas was as blessed as ours!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December...so far...

December has been a fun month so far! Elias had his first Cheerios experience (which resulted in 1 Cheerio eaten and around 20 thrown in his hair or over his head), helped Daddy root the Ducks on to the Rose Bowl, braved a cold front of single-digit temperatures to help pick out his first Christmas tree, and he has officially discovered that there is indeed a dog that lives in our house that does fascinating things! He is constantly captivated by Gavin (our lovable black lab) and very curious about him. We're more and more intrigued with him as elements of his personality emerge every day. We just saw the tips of two little teeth poking out the other day and we can't believe he's that big already! Take a look!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A short time ago we started Elias on rice cereal: more of a practice-using-a-spoon experience, than an actual eating experience. He got pretty good at the whole spoon routine and is absolutely obsessive about trying to snatch food from his parents when they're eating, so as he is approaching his 6 month mark, we decided to let him try his first bit of actual food. He wasn't exactly sure at first...but he's warming up to the idea--quickly!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Harvest!

An autumn update from the Martins! Elias was the cutest little giraffe for Halloween and had his first pumpkin patch experience. He is so into experiencing textures, sights and sounds lately, it was fun to see him soak it all in at Easy Orchards pumpkin patch here in Salem. Happy Autumn!

And we're off to the orchard...

Friday, October 30, 2009


Elias was dedicated to God on October 18, 2009. He was handsome and oh, so loved. Thanks to everyone who was there to support him/us and to everyone who couldn't get here, thanks for your long-distance support and love.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wrestling Mommy for the camera...

I took a picture of my son. Afterward, he (fast as lightning) grabbed hold of the camera with both hands, his left hand covering my right index finger which was, of course, over the shutter button. The following ensued during our wrestling match for the camera:

He winds up looking so proud of himself, you have to wonder for just a second if he did it all on purpose...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hi to Daddy in Uganda!

Just wanted to let you know what I've been up to. Mom is taking pretty good care of me, but I miss you lots. Lately I've been playing with new toys and hanging out with buddies. Grandma Garrett came to visit us and we had fun with her. I have to get my shots on Tuesday and Mommy is dreading that, but tomorrow we're going carseat shopping because I'm over 20 lbs now and too big for the one I have! There will be lots of changes when you get back, but I tell your picture goodnight every night before I go to bed and I'm ready to hug you when you get here in just 5 more days!

Mommy and I love you and we miss you!