Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Tricks!

Here's a couple of video updates! NEW TRICKS!!! Rolling over, and reading with mom...

He loves storytime! Every night after his bath and before his bed time he gets to read. In the last couple of weeks he's become VERY interactive. He loves to feel the textures in his book, and even more so, he LOVES to turn the pages and even close the book! Man, he's growing fast!



  1. He is SO adorable! I can tell that you two are amazing parents...what a blessed son to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy!! Miss you two...wishing we could have another game night!

  2. Dear Elias,

    This is your Uncle Colby speaking.
    I command you to hereforth STOP growing.
    Not forever... just for another two months until you get here to visit.
    After that, you may commence with your rapid growth.
    Thank you for listening, and please know that when Uncle Colby speaks, people must obey.

    I love you and wish I could tell you in person.

    Uncle Colby