Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two-Month-Old Tricks

We can't believe he's two months old already! This month brought some fantastic news: for those of you who did not know, Eli was retaining his urine, and therefore we were having to catheterize him every few hours since we got to take him home. The good news is that our last visit to Doernbecher Children's Hospital brought us test results that said his kidney/ureter swelling is gone and based on the diaper journal we've been keeping, he had proven he is emptying his bladder on his own so we no longer have to catheterize him anymore! Hallelujah! This, folks, has been life-changing! We are finally able to just let him sleep, which, by the way, he is doing fabulously! He is so generously giving mom and dad an actual night's rest most nights--how lucky are we?

Eli changes every day. Everyone tells you "they grow up fast," but you just can't be prepared for how fast it really does happen--especially when they're this young and literally learning and growing at light speed every single day. My favorite new trick of Elias' is his smile-on-cue. There's no feeling better than the one you get when your little one smiles at you.

...and it doesn't hurt that he has to-die-for dimples!

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