Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby's Nursery Coming Together

We've begun the nesting process! Back in January we primed and painted what used to be Logan's coveted music studio room (sacrificing for baby already) to be transformed into our new little guy's nursery. Shooting to create a Dr. Seuss-inspired land, we've started with the blue skies above and the rolling green hills below. Now, we just have a couple murals to paint and we'll be finished. It's so exciting to see it coming together! Also, thank you to the genius who created "No VOC (volatile organic compounds)" paint so that mommies-to-be everywhere can participate safely in the painting process!


  1. LOVE the room so far! Yous twos are so creative! Can't wait to see the finished product - with babe sleeping soundly inside.... Ahhhh. You're gonna be great parents. - Kyra

  2. Oh I am so glad you guys are doing this! It totally sucks that we don't get to see you, ever it feels like! Well you are so cute with your little basketball inside your tummy. We need to get together soon, dang-it!